Monday, 25 May 2009


I hate deception!!! I just found out that someone who is probably one of closest ppl in my life has been lying to me for two years. I am so angry that even to blog about it im afraid what i will say. Usually i like to vent online but I am so enraged at the moment that I think its best I say nothing . Although I know they will not read this blog , I will have to read this blog and at this point in time im feeling numb towards this person.


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hello! long time no see. you missed me?

I havent posted in a while. I didnt get the job i waned in North London, instead I got a Job in Kent which is South of London LOL. I like the job but the location sucks. I have to leave early to get to university on time but ive got a cool boss thats quite understanding, so i cant complain.

In terms of school I have mock exams around the corner so I really need to study. They start next month and Ive been very delinquent LOL. So im gonna study like theres no tommorow.

I also got a new DSLR camera so expect me to upload some shots soon. In general life is quite good at the moment.

Monday, 3 November 2008

23 years Old?????

I havent really written in this blog recently becuase I havent had much positive going on in my life. University is going fine. Im still doing my crappy part time job ( which pays dreadfully). I really wonder why i am finding it so hard to find a decent job. I nearly quit last week. I got chastised for not being "available". I usually dont argue with people but this woman had me running around like her little lap dog doing loads of things that arent in my job description. How can i be available whe imrunning around like im her PA???

Anyways, in lighter, funnier ( yes i know thats not a word) news. I went to Halloween as a skeleton Ill upload pictures this evening). People on the Tube wanted to take photos with me. LOL and random people were high fiving me LOL.

Then on Saturday me and my sister went out with some friends. We tried to get in Valbond or whatever its called. but apparently my 90 quid shoes were too casual. I really want othered though becuase I find that lots of high end nightclubs are filled with over pretentious Wanna -Be's.

So we ended up going to bar just off regent street. This Guy comes up to me at the bar. He taps me on the shoulder and ask if He can buy me a drink. I was like "im fine". Then he says "Seriously, what do you want?". I was like " No thanks, Im good". Then he asks"are you straight?" . I responded "yes" . What he did next surpised me LOL. After hitting on me he moves on to my sister. He obviously wasnt very picky. LOL

anyway i hope everyone is good and Ill update soon

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Im an idiot...LOL no seriously

Anyone who lives in a city knows the machines that they use in the subway/underground. ( I wasnt paying attention and instead of putting my Paper travel card in I put my University ID card in ( not very smart) . It was quite emabarassing as they had to remove my card for me and they had to disassemble the machine . Took about 5 minutes to get the card out.

Maybe it was my subconscious trying to get rid of my ID card. I hate my id card picture. Its hideous. Everyone elses came out nornal but mine came out looking like If I am DARK BLUE. I actually look Blue/Black like if if i was beaten around my face with a broom stick!! It is actually scary. Would have been a good pic if not for the horrible colour

Sunday, 21 September 2008


I Get about 150 views a day on this blog but No comments. LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS. I FEEL LONELY


A crazy FrEaK

named Che

Thursday, 18 September 2008

LOL Funny

Hey my adoring public!!!

I just dd this hilarious Quiz online. the result is so funny . DO it and tell me what result you get. Its actually quite accurate. The link i sbelow . Post a comment and tell me what reult you got. Ill share my result afterwards.

Burton makes the worst pants on earth

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am quite thin so buying clothes can sometimes be hard. I am 144 and 5 foot 9 in the evening and 5 foot 10 when i wake up ( yes you shrnk an inch during the day).
The other day i went to buy new jeans so i could go to facshion. so i popped into USC ( but all of their jeans wer skinny and grungy), Republic had jeans with loads of ugly patterns on them so i went to Burton . I have a 26 inch waist Even when i went up to 151 last year i only had a 27 inch waist ( abnormal i know). SO i tried on a 28 inch waist 30 lenth pants. i got the waist buclked but i couldnt zip up the pants. SO i tried on the 30 inch waist 30 length pants. again the waist was n problem but i couldnt zip it up.

Conclusion Burton makes pants for guys who have no_________ ( you fill in the black lol)